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susan picSusan Dost, President & CEO

Susan has completed comprehensive training on priority senior issues. She has taken the educational initiative to become a professional leader in meeting the key needs and issues concerning mature adults. As President of Sheridan Care, she has an empowered staff who will personally meet with each and every client, and assess each family's needs.

lizLiz Cantz, Senior VP of Marketing

Liz has worked over 20 years in the health care. Her advocacy and insight for seniors has brought education and commitment to the excellence in care for our Sheridan Care families. Always looking for ways to enhance the senior community Liz is on the Board of Directors, Los Angeles Chapter of the Parkinson's Association and also works with the Alzheimer's Association, Cancer, Stroke, and MS. Her passion and knowledge with senior living communities, rehabilitation centers and major hospitals has utilized her extensive professional connections in the health care industry. Liz continues to pursue innovative ways to enhance Sheridan In-Home Health Care as the premier in home care company of greater Los Angeles.

eila kopraEila Kopra, Care Team Manager

Eila comes from a family of caregivers and her great passion is bringing help for those in need. Her personal experience as a caregiver helps her understand the needs of clients when conducting assessments and finding their perfect match. Eila is a compassionate and driven person with over ten years of experience in project management and business administration in several different industries. She has studied psychology and human resources management and has a degree in business administration.

miraMira Anttinen, Director of Client Success and Marketing Strategist

Mira has always had passion towards health care and care giving. She is here to share the stories of Sheridan Care and to help people to find our unique company more effortlessly, both online and offline. She has worked in marketing for ten years in different industries. She gets her inspiration for work through people and their authentic life stories. On her free time, she loves to stay active and do voluntary work with seniors and people with disabilities.


Lana Colvin, Senior Client Care Manager

Lana has 10 years of experience in home care. She chose her degree because she loves to work with the elderly community, and is a very warm-hearted and caring individual. She is our go-to person in terms of scheduling and hiring our A-List of caregivers. She has completed her certified nurse assistant certificate, which helps her understand the job duties of a caregiver and properly place them with our clients. Her 10 years of experience and compassion make a brilliant fit at Sheridan Care, and our staff and caregivers have come to love her.

Danielle FosterDanielle Foster,  Lead Recruiter

Danielle is the Lead Recruiter for Sheridan Care, leading all recruiting and employee retention efforts for the home care aid industry. Her passion for recruiting, helping others unlock their full potential, training, and coaching is unparalleled. Her passion for the Senior Community keeps her dedicated to finding the most qualified, professional, and compassionate caregivers to fit the the needs of our Premier clients.

Tamar SitonTamar Siton,  Summer 2018 Intern Extraordinaire

Tamar will be with Sheridan through September this fall, building her knowledge base within all facets of the Home Care Industry. She is eager to develop her skills in recruiting, client management and gain an understanding of the overall operations of Sheridan Care. Her work history in customer service with Lenscrafters, undergraduate studies in Advertising, Journalism and PR along her passion for caring for the elderly, and the ability to speak three languages is a huge asset to Sheridan. She is currently at UC, Irvine and expects to graduate in the fall of 2019.

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