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Did you know CA Caregivers are regulated by law?

Caregiver = personal attendant, personal care aide, home care aide, home care attendant, in-home care aide. The official term for caregiver is a Home Care Aide (HCA)

Home Care Agency/Organization: An agency that arranges for non-medical in-home care services such as bathing, meal preparation, dressing, ambulation assistance, shopping and companionship.

Whether you are a home care aide or thinking about hiring a home care agency to take care of your loved one, you should know the following: Effective January 2016, California established a new law binding home care aides and home care agencies. According to the law, all home care aides and home care agencies must be licensed through the supervising authority, The California Department of Social Services and the registry holder, The Home Care Services Bureau. These 2 bureaus work together to regulate the Home Care Consumer Protection Act (AB 1217). All Home Care Organizations must be licensed and registered with the Home Care Services Bureau. All home care aides must register, submit their fingerprints through the Live Scan process, provide non-active Tuberculosis test results and complete annual trainings.

After registering, all home care aides (HCA’s) are provided with a Personal ID # and the agencies that they work for can search the public registry to ensure that they are cleared. Registered caregivers have a 10-digit HCA ID number and licensed agencies have their Home Care Organization (HCO) number.

Find more information regarding the requirements and detailed instructions on how to become HCA registered HERE.

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