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Trick or Treat - Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween has become our favorite time of the year. It offers an opportunity for old and young to put their imagination in use. If you don’t have a costume yet, here are some ideas for tomorrow’s trick-or-treating.

Something Original - Milk & Cookies












Photo: Lynn Haase

Inspired by Movies – a) Darth Vader


Photo: Yellowcakecone










Star Wars Grandparent Cosplay Photography










Photo: Sacha Goldberger 

Inspired by Movies b) Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia















Photo: Fry Lodge

Classic Cartoons - Olive Oyl and Popeye















Comic Heroes - Super Woman











Photo: Sacha Goldberger

Inspired by Music - Kiss










Photo: Cuekj

Fell like a Super Star - Elton John & Grandma Yetta













Photo: LO4Oh & CBS

Identical Twins?

Toddler Grandma edited















Photo: Boogahboogah

Was one of these your favorite or do you have something even better?


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