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we wonWho are our Caregivers and Personal Attendants?

Our caregivers are wonderful, compassionate people who have had formal training either through a Certified Nursing course (CNA), Home Health Aid (HHA), or our very own Certified Companion Aid (CCA®) course. They all come to us with at least two years of verifiable experience working with mature adults, and they must be kind, honest, loving people. Everyone is personally interviewed by a Sheridan Care care manager. It takes a truly special person to be a caregiver and we pursue only the A List of individuals.

What makes them special?

Sheridan Care offers exclusive training sessions on a monthly basis that keep our caregivers educated and up-to-date on the latest in-home health care information. Experience and training can be taught and our ongoing quest to introduce new techniques is always available to our caregivers. However, most importantly they must have a kind heart, and giving spirit. That is not something that can be taught, it is an intrinsic part of a gifted caregiver. Our caregiver's are these kinds of people. They are in your home to care for you, and your family members. We only send you someone that we would want looking after our loved ones.

When do you get to meet them?

After we do the initial assessment in your home or at the facility, we come back to the office and compile the intangibles and characteristics of who you'd like to have in your home. We take that information and chose a qualified person who fits the case. Here at Sheridan Care it’s our upmost goal and focus to create The Perfect Match. We will then bring a caregiver back to meet you before we begin services for an introductory meeting, free of cost. After about 2 or 3 weeks, we will ask that you fill out a Quality Assessment Survey on their performance and your level of satisfaction with Sheridan Care. At any time, Sheridan Care is always available to you and your caregiver, just simply call the office.

How do we research their backgrounds?

doj-sealWe use two methods of research to find out about a caregivers performance and their background. We ensure they have valid work permission and we complete a national criminal background check. Then, we call business and professional references, usually former clients they have worked for over the past 5 years and personally speak to them and/or their family members regarding their quality of care. We ask questions such as: how long did Loretta work for you? Was she on time? Did you find her personality to be a fit with your family member/s? Was she knowledgeable about care giving? What was her cooking like? Did you trust her in your home while you were away? Did you feel safe riding the car with her? What would you say her strengths are and what (if any) are her weaknesses? These are just a few of the questions we go through when completing a professional reference check.

Free In-Home Assessment

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