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historySheridan In Home Care was started in early 2001 under the premise that we as a team provide excellent home care to the esteemed citizens of the Greater Los Angeles area. We thought the best way to do this would be to introduce careered caregivers who were employees of the company and trained. From day one, we have provided clients with caregivers who  dedicate themselves to helping people remain in the comfort of their homes for many years to come.

Sheridan grew from one employee to 150 in one decade because of the team and the people that run the company. Not one individual could have possibly managed this feat without the assistance and inspiration of Susan's family. The company gets its name from Helen Sheridan and Sara Sheridan Dost. Susan's Grandmother homesteaded the land where generations were raised in Michigan. It is through this work ethic and innate entrepreneurial drive that continues to inspire the same team at Sheridan to this day.

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