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Why Work for Sheridan?

why workSome of our caregivers or family members have been with us since the company was established in 2001. We originally had classified ads, but since 2003 we haven't had a need. Caregivers throughout Los Angeles want to work for Sheridan Care. They have heard from other qualified care managers that we have wonderful clients, benefits, and abilities to earn top pay. Aside from that, we have the greatest respect for our staff and therefore are the only home care company that offers a matching 401k plan and health insurance benefits. We look after our staff so they will look after you. Quality, compassion, and consistency are top priority at Sheridan Care.


Sheridan Care offers:

  • On-going Monthly Training Sessions
  • Flexibility; full time/part time – hourly / live-in
  • Health benefits – available after 90 days of employment
  • Monthly recognition
  • Competitive wages
  • And much more!


Free In-Home Assessment

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