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Seniors’ Memorial Day Traditions











Memorial Day is a very personal holiday for many seniors. Some of them are veterans who remember those whose lives they saw being taken around them on the field of battle. Many more lost family members or friends who were serving their country. The memory of the lost men and women is that makes Memorial Day so special to our senior loved ones and many younger Americans.

There are a number of ways our seniors observe Memorial Day, with many traditions originating in childhood. Your senior loved ones may still participate in one or more of these.

  • Fly their flag. This is an everyday tradition for many veterans and other seniors, though on Memorial Day they may lower the flag to half-mast until noon.
  • Visit the grave site of veterans, especially those at one of the national or state cemeteries that are special resting places for those who served in our military.
  • Place a flag and/or flowers on the graves of family members or friends — sometimes also the graves of other veterans, so that all are remembered.
  • Attend a special Memorial Day service in memory of those who have given their lives in service to the US.
  • View, or even participate in, a local Memorial Day parade to honor the fallen.
  • Visit with veterans or the families of those who lost someone in the service.
  • Reminisce about those family members and friends they lost, telling stories and sharing pictures.

You may also find your senior loved ones observing Memorial Day on May 30 in addition to – or instead of – the Monday holiday. This was the traditional Memorial Day observance before it was moved to create a long weekend.

Original and full article: http://seniorcarecorner.com/honoring-observing-memorial-day-traditions

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