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How to Start the Care Conversation with Your Loved One?

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Starting a conversation with a senior parent about home health care may be difficult. At the end of the day, it is a big step for many of us to admit the need for help. Sheridan Care has over 18 years of experience providing care for seniors. We are happy to assist with any questions when it comes to living confidently and the well-being of your loved one.

  1. Before approaching a senior parent to discuss bringing in a home health care worker, put yourself in that senior’s shoes. Think about what that senior is most frustrated about and be empathetic. Understanding the situation is extremely important in relating to the senior’s emotions, and timing is crucial in setting the stage. Choose a time when tensions are low and there is plenty of time for a discussion.
  2. To make the conversation the most productive, focus on the senior’s safety and helping them maintain independence. Concentrate on why and how an in-home health care worker can actually make life easier and safer.
  3. Recognize the senior’s right to make their own life choices, especially if a home care worker is coming to the house. The senior is likely to be more agreeable if their concerns or wishes are respected during the decision-making process. The sooner you begin conversations with an aging parent about how they can remain safe and maintain independence by using home care, the easier it will be to approach the topic over the long-term, before any major safety concerns are presented.

Our mission is to help seniors live confidently and age gracefully in their own homes for as long as possible.  We choose to make a positive difference in the lives of mature adults and their families who love them.

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