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Sheridan Care Caregiver & Client Appreciation Day












Sheridan Care has been serving our community for over eighteen years. We have also been fortunate to have dedicated Caregivers over those 18 years that are still part of the Sheridan Care Family. We are very grateful to be surrounded with so many wonderful people. The year 2018 is coming to an end and Sheridan Care Owner & CEO Susan Dost wanted to reward and acknowledge caregivers whose performance has been exceptional this year.

Because iCare caregiver & client appreciation day was held on the September 30th in Santa Monica. Douglas Park provided an excellent setting for our picnic. Sun was shining, and it was great to see so many families enjoying the day. More pictures HERE











One of the day's main events was the iCare awards. Sheridan Care has a special reward program for caregivers called iCare. It is our way of saying thank you to our caregivers for their excellent performance. We also wanted to acknowledge people who have worked at Sheridan Care for over 5 years, which is remarkable. In addition. this year we chose Sheridan Care Ambassadors among our caregivers the first time. Sheridan ambassadors are caregivers who go above and beyond, who are consistent and compassionate. They are flexible and provide A-List support and service to the staff and clients of Sheridan Care.

Danielle Paloma Susan

All the categories and rewarded employees are below. Looking forward to the next year!

15 years with Sheridan

Louella E.

14 years with Sheridan

Sonia A.

Ava M.

12 years with Sheridan

Rosario M.

11 years with Sheridan

Natalie A.

Imogene C.

Mary A.

Dawn F.

Rhea T.

Carolina C.

10 years with Sheridan

Alicia P.

Michael R.

Shirley B.

Marcelle Q.

Pamela M.


Grace H. 9 years with Sheridan Care

Wendy R. 8 years with Sheridan Care

Ana D. 8 years with Sheridan Care

Carol Z. 7 years with Sheridan Care

Dorla H. 7 years with Sheridan Care

Onny L. 7 years with Sheridan Care

Manolito A.  6 years with Sheridan Care

Noel M. 6 years with Sheridan Care

Elvira T.  5 years with Sheridan Care

Jon E. 5 years with Sheridan Care

Sheila I. 5 years with Sheridan Care

Linda Y. 5 years with Sheridan Care

Lavern C. 5 years with Sheridan Care

Emmanuel R. 5 years with Sheridan Care

Antonio V. 5 years with Sheridan Care


Caregiver of the month September 2018

Randie S.


Sheridan Care Ambassadors

Maria P Susan












Maria P.


Susan Ryesha












Ryesha T.


Susan Taylor












Taylor B.

London B.

Art Susan











Arthur V.

Marta M.


iCare Points Leader

Dawn Flowers


Sheridan Care 2018 Excellence Award

Liz Susan












Liz C.  12 years with Sheridan


Lana Susan












Lana C. 7 years with Sheridan

All rewards can be picked up from Sheridan office if for some reason you were not able to participate.


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