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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

First, Sheridan Care looks for people who have a passion for working with seniors to help them live independently. Then each potential caregiver must successfully complete a thorough personal and professional reference and criminal background check. Each caregiver is also bonded and insured. Your trust, safety and security is of the upmost importance to Sheridan Care.

Sheridan Care participate in an exclusive senior care training program, which covers topics such as communicating with seniors, fall prevention, CPR, planning activities, recognizing illnesses, safety training and other issues and typical situations encountered in providing elder care. Sheridan caregivers also benefit from regular team meetings and on-going training opportunities to enhance their skills.

Sheridan has an experienced team and 24-hour service, so if one caregiver is ill, we make every effort to make another team member available to meet your home care needs.

Yes, Sheridan’s experience and commitment to excellence makes us one of the few home health care providers able to provide eldercare and companionship to seniors who may require additional attention and/or personalized long term care and reside in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

With more than 14 years of experience and the most trusted in-home health care company serving Southern California, Sheridan Care provides comprehensive caregiver training, our exclusive perfect match system for compatibility and quality assurance. Because we were at the forefront of in-home care, we have a depth of experience that’s unsurpassed in the industry. Sheridan has earned a deep level of trust among clients, their family members and friends, and enjoys an outstanding reputation with thousands of home health care, medical and social elder care organizations in Southern California.

Your caregiver is a Sheridan Care employee. We provide extensive benefits and incentives to maintain the most experienced team. We handle all the billing, payroll, taxes, insurance and administrative responsibilities for your caregiver.

There are several reasons why Sheridan Care should be your choice for senior companionship and home care.

  • Our caregivers are screened, bonded and insured for your safety.
  • They are trained specifically in elder care and have demonstrated a sincere desire to work with seniors.
  • With Sheridan Care, we handle caregiver payment, insurance and withholding taxes as required by law.
  • Sheridan Care's large team of quality employees ensures that there will always be a compatible and reliable caregiver there for you. As a client of Sheridan Care, you become part of our inner circle of compassion and care; there is nothing we won’t do to guarentee your happiness as our client.
  • We offer a Concierge Service to you, that acts as a care manager to handle all of your in-home care needs, all you have to do is ask!
  • If you hire an individual, he or she may get sick or move away and you’ll have to find someone new. The Sheridan Care's large staff of quality employees ensures there will always be a compatible and reliable caregiver there for your family member. As a client of Sheridan Care, you become part of our Inner Circle of Compassion and Care. This means, there is nothing we won’t do to ensure your happiness as our client. We also offer a Concierge Service to you. We have a dedicated care manager handle all your In Home Care needs, all you have to do is ask.

At Sheridan Care we understand the need for a caregiver can be sudden and urgent. We don’t just randomly send a warm body to your home like many providers. Sheridan Care can set up a no cost in-home assessment within 24 hours, sometimes the same day. This is one of the key steps in our exclusive perfect match process to find the right caregiver for you. We will provide you with caregiver bio’s (including photo), references and other vital information to help you make what can be a difficult decision.

A majority of the non-medical homecare companies have a minimum hourly service requirement of 3 to 4 hours per day. Sheridan Care has no hourly minimum for services. We can provide assistance for as little as 30 minutes per day.

Sheridan Care uses an advanced Real Time Caregiver Monitoring System that requires our Caregivers to clock in and out through the telephone allowing us to effectively track hours and confirm attendance in real time. To ensure utmost client satisfaction, our system will notify us immediately if your caregiver has not clocked in or out as scheduled. In addition, Sheridan Care conducts routine nurse supervisory visits and random management quality assurance check-ins so our clients receive the best possible non-medical homecare. We provide care notes to keep family and loved ones informed.

Yes. Sheridan Care works closely with the Alzheimer’s Association and Dementia Society to ensure our caregivers have the latest training and information on care. We have extensive experience helping these families deal with these terrible diseases that can be so stressful for families.

Call today for a free in-home consultation: (310) 204-1187. A Sheridan Care home health care specialist will answer all your questions and set up a free in-home assessment.

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