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testimonials"Sheridan was recommended by a neighbor and they are always on time and helpful. My caregiver is very good and a great companion. Overall they have helped me a great deal." -- Carmen

"You and Sheridan are the best thing that has happened to us since Dad started needing help." -- Suzanne and family

'I had concerns about keeping my father at home, but they were very understanding and explained how they would provide the care at home." ~  Spencer

"The company was recommended to me by a friend. I really liked the president of the company and enjoyed the benefits of them processing our Long Term Care Insurance." ~ Bonnie

"I chose this company because it was recommended by our social worker. The quality of service is excellent." ~ Cecille

"I chose this company because I was told they were good. They are very kind and helpful. They are responsive, always call me back and are overall great." ~ Elaine

"I had a fantastic experience with Sheridan.  I needed help quickly, and they sent someone out immediately.  The caregiver was amazing.  So helpful, so professional, so caring.  I can't recommend Sheridan highly enough." ~ Michael

"Sheridan Care epitomizes quality and trust. Loved ones are in competent and caring hands when they are in the safe keeping of Sheridan Care." -- Dr. Sanford Shapero, Founding Director of Orthopedic Hospital Center for Gerontology

"I was very fortunate to have worked with Susan for several years while I was the Director of Clinical Services at the Alzheimer's Association. During that time Susan was very generous, and gave a free day of in-home help services to many of my clients. Susan also participated in a respite grant the Alzheimer's Association was awarded by the City of Los Angeles. During this time Susan's organization helped many families and weekly reported to the Alzheimer's Association the progress of the client's care and services.

After I left the Alzheimer's Association, I started a private practice working with seniors and aging issues. Susan was very influential in introducing me to many Assisted living facilities, where I currently conduct support groups for these facilities. Because of Susan's and Sheridan Care's support, my practice became successful very quickly.

My personal observations of Susan and her staff is that they are very involved in the community. They are very involved and are on board, of the Parkinson's Association. They
have been and are still involved with organizations such as the Stroke Association, the American Cancer Society and Multiple Sclerosis. I have always been very impressed with
Susan and her staffs professionalism."  -- Judith Delaney, MFT

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